Ultra Seamless

super ultra seamless integration for operational efficiency

Small businesses need innovative ways to reach new and existing customers. These businesses need a means to provide better services, ways to increase operational efficiency, and cater to tech-savvy customers.

Sam stood outside a local restaurant. He wanted to check out their menu, but there's a crowd of people standing around blocking his view. Not to mention it's freezing cold outside, and he forgot his overcoat. Does he have to go into the restaurant? Does he have to search Google, search Seamless, check in on Foursquare or search Yelp? Not anymore, not with this app. Instantly he can search the restaurant menu, place an order for dine-in or take-out, and even reserve a table. When sat at a table, he can place his order, without having to indicate which table he's sitting at. The order will go straight to the kitchen, and when he's done with the meal, he won't be waiting for a check. He can pay his bill straight from the app, and be on his way.

This app is built for iOS and Android.

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